As one of the leading contracting companies in the Middle East, INCO Group of Companies, is at the forefront of innovation, providing services as we make excellence and eminence our standard. We work and operate with the shared values of quality, integrity and accountability in everything we do. We honourably help some of the world’s biggest clients. So, our reputation has made us one of the most desired employers.

INCO Group has implemented a new Careers portal.
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Important notice about fraudulent recruitment processes

We’re aware that individuals have been posing as INCO HR personnel in an attempt to defraud job seekers by sending bogus job offers and requesting payments for visa applications & Job Offer. We also understood that some of agent has created fake internet news that INCO group opening branch in India which is not correct until we publish in our website.

Fake email addresses

These individuals are using fake INCO email addresses, such as:


Please note that INCO email addresses end with’.

Examples of fake letters

We have standard template of INCO Group. Either INCO team member or approved Manpower agents only can distribute this to candidates. Candidate can ask agreement or compliance form of agents with INCO.

Requests for payment

Authorized INCO personnel will never ask you payment for application work or training purpose.

Report the fraudulent job offer to us by emailing;


To search and apply for a job with us, visit our Careers section.

Please be noted that INCO is not the only company suffering from similar fraudulent activity so please verify any job offers you receive with the correct HR teams from the respective companies.

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