Message From The Chairman

INCO is at a very crucial juncture of its operations. It is poised for the leap into the large-scale contracts group in the industrial sector.

When we look back we can, with a sense of immense satisfaction, say that we have come a long way to reach the point where we are now. The path had not been smooth, always popping up its own surprises and hardships. But we have endured the tides and inched closer to our goal of being the best in our field.

In the last decade we had expanded our activities to North Africa besides consolidating our position in the Middle East. Several projects had been completed to the satisfaction of many prestigious clients.

The latest projects being carried out in Oman, Qatar, UAE and Morocco stand testimony for the integrity and quality of INCO’s approach to the work entrusted with it and the confidence infused in our clients. We were able to garner repeat orders from our benefactors.

By sticking to our strict quality policy and core values, INCO had been able to achieve its mission towards our vision of being a world-class engineering, manufacturing and construction company. We do acknowledge that there is still a long way to go before we rest on our laurels. There is no substitution for hard work and concentrated efforts to make things possible.

Our advantage is that we have the infrastructure of a multinational, with the flexible organisational structure of a startup. In this sector, companies need to have a long- term vision, but they have to be incredibly flexible about how they implement it.

We respect the trust invested in us by our clients and appreciate the support from our suppliers and subcontractors, which were instrumental in making us who we are.

Last but not the least, the unstinted efforts of our team at each of our project site and the head office had great bearing on the success of the company and brought us to this level of recognition in the world of industrial projects.

We move forward with a vow to serve our clients in the very best way on the way to achieving our own vision.

Abdo Karadag

Message From The General Manager

Here in INCO, we have a Vision and we have a Mission. But above that we have a dream to be the best.

Pursuant to our dream, we set specific targets. With a strong urge to reach the targets, we have been able to convert our dreams to realities.

I strongly believe that this happens due to our strong will to excel.

We have been in the construction field for many years in industrial sectors like Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals & Oleochemicals. We had started by being a wee part of the erection team of the Project Owner or EPC Contractor and slowly climbed higher to scale up our level of operations. The target was and will be to be a contractor capable of completely covering all the activities as demanded by the nature of the project and the requirements of the client.

We could achieve such targets in the past due to the perseverance of our team to reach the top of the best. Our passion for sustainable growth continues.

We have to aim high so that our instincts will help us to rise to the level of demand and make the targets realizable. We trust in collective responsibility and that is what we practice in INCO.

Our focus is in sustainability through perseverance that will stand in good stead for INCO towards further glory.

Serkan Yentek
General Manager

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