STOP Smoking Campaign

Date:  21st March 2017

Today we introduced our Stop Smoking Campaign and announced our Stop Smoking Event

Why did we start this campaign?

We care about our employee’s health
We as INCO like to take the lead when it comes to Health and Safety in our company and our industry.

Stop Smoking Event 21st March 2017

We are encouraging our employees to stop smoking now or latest on 21st March 2017.
Those who stop smoking with this campaign and manages to stop smoking for the minimum duration of 6 months – until 21st September 2017, will be rewarded by INCO.

We will also elect – by lucky draw – 5 employees for an additional special price.
These special prices will be announced on the Stop Smoking Event on 21st March 2017.

Eligible INCO Employees for the special prices:

1 Indirect employee
1 Direct Employee in Morocco
1 Direct Employee in Oman
1 Direct Employee in UAE
1 Direct Employee in Qatar.

Please encourage each other and help each other to stop smoking.
We invite all of you not to smoke on the 21st of March 2017.

More communication will follow in the coming weeks.

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